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The 3 Most Useful Horse Racing Terms

Horse Racing TipsIf you are in horse racing gambling online, you need to know some horse racing terminology and horse racing betting terms. Gambling on horse racing can be very exciting, and the adventure is doubled when you get to bet on horse racing. You should know the basic horse racing terms before you start gambling on horse racing. This will make horse racing betting and handicapping a lot easier.

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First of all, you have to know the horse racing terms to know what horse you are betting on. There are several horse racing terms, and most of them have to do with the horse racing tracks you are betting on. A few horse racing terms are mentioned here so that you will have a good idea about horse racing betting and horse racing terms. Note that some of the terms mentioned here are interchangeable with other horse racing terms. All these horse racing terms are used to describe the race course and the race.

Terms that describe the horse racing course are also known as horse racing terminology. These terms include the name of the racecourse, the name of the race, the name of the horses and the date of the race. Some of these terms are used for convenience, while others are used to describe the betting system used. There are several horse racing terms that describe the horse racing betting systems. There are horse racing betting systems used for handicapping, or to predict the winner of the horse racing event. When you bet on horse racing, there are several types of horse racing betting systems in use.

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One type of horse racing betting system is the exacta bet. This type of horse racing terms describes the horse racing betting system wherein you bet using exact amounts instead of wagers. It is important to note that the exacta bet is usually a bet on the eventual loser of the race. If the horse wins the race and you win the exacta bet, then both of you will profit from the exacta bet.

Another horse racing terminology is the bridle track system. This system uses the horse's performance at the previous race tracks as a basis for placing bets on the race that just took place. For instance, if the horse won a race at the Belmont Park track and placed second to second at the same track in another race, then the horse might be expected to do well at the third race at the Belmont Park track. On the other hand, if the horse placed third at the Belmont Park track but lost the race to another horse, then it is possible that it may have improved upon its last performance at the track. This is the reason why there is a term called as the 'Belmont Park factor'. The third horse racing term we shall discuss is the stretch run. This term usually relates to the race where the horse is stretched in order to sharpen its running shape. Stretch runs are usually considered as risky since horse owners may sometimes put their horses in the stretch run without any preparations on how the horse will respond to the stretch run. However, if you look closely, you can find some horses who excel at the stretch run because they respond well to the change of speed while the horse has not yet been trained for a long distance race.

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