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2013 Royal Ascot Tips

Free Royal Ascot tips from Horse Racing Tips UK. The highlight of the UK Horse Racing Calender, Royal Ascot is one of Europe's most famous race meetings. It dates back to 1711 when it was founded by Queen Anne. Every year Royal Ascot is attended by HM Elizabeth II and various members of the British Royal Family such as The Prince of Wales, arriving each day in a horse-drawn carriage with the Royal procession taking place at the start of each race day and the raising of the Queen's Royal Standard. It is a major event in the British social calendar, and press coverage of the attendees and what they are wearing often exceeds coverage of the actual racing. We will be displaying our tipsters tips for every day of the Royal Ascot Festival. If you have any tips and you wish to share them with the site then email us here.

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The Jockey Leaderboard

Name of Tipster Day 1 tip
Joe Halsall Magician
Simon Dickson Animal Kingdom
Jake Cutler Sir John Hawkins - 3rd
Darren Thompson Pearl Secret - 3rd
James Willmoth Championship
Ashley Beere Toronado - 2nd
Craig Waters Reckless Abandon
Mark Yeoman Riverboat Springs
Will Bradley Dawn Approach - 1st
Ashley Hussey Thunder Strike

Name of Tipster Day 2 tip
Joe Halsall Al Kazeem - 1st
Simon Dickson Al Kazeem - 1st
Jake Cutler Montiridge - 2nd
Darren Thompson Beldare Memory
James Willmoth Dank - 3rd
Ashley Beere Chigun
Craig Waters Sweet Lightning
Mark Yeoman Fire Blaze
Will Bradley Camelot
Ashley Hussey Directorship

Name of Tipster Day 3 tip
Joe Halsall Times Up
Simon Dickson Estimate - 1st
Jake Cutler Simenon - 2nd
Darren Thompson Windhoek
James Willmoth Estimate - 1st
Ashley Beere Chopin
Craig Waters Van Der Neer - 3rd
Mark Yeoman Bold Sniper - 3rd
Will Bradley NR
Ashley Hussey Estimate - 1st

Name of Tipster Day 4 tip
Joe Halsall Joyeuse - 3rd
Simon Dickson Battle of Marengo - 2nd
Jake Cutler Just For Judge - 3rd
Darren Thompson Viztoria
James Willmoth Big Break
Ashley Beere Wonderfully
Craig Waters Tha'ir
Mark Yeoman Maureen
Will Bradley Sky Lantern - 1st
Ashley Hussey Wedding Ring

Name of Tipster Day 5 tip
Joe Halsall Society Rock
Simon Dickson
Jake Cutler
Darren Thompson Maarek
James Willmoth
Ashley Beere Ektihaam
Craig Waters York Glory
Mark Yeoman Duke of Firenze
Will Bradley Society Rock
Ashley Hussey

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